About IC3E.ORG



International Council of Education Employment and Empowerment
  • IC3E.ORG - International Council of Education Employment and Empowerment is a section 8 - not-for-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India to promote Education for Everyone. IC3E.ORG is exempted from Tax with 12A and 80G certification by Ministry of Finance, Government of India on its incorporation with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 21001: 2018, and ISO 29993: 2017 certification to promote Self-Paced, Self-Learning, Group Learning, Skilling, Re-Skilling, Up-Skilling, Multi-Skilling, and Super-Skilling Training Programs to the people across the globe to be part of "the Future Ready Workforce" in the Knowledge-based Economy with futuristic tools, techniques using cloud-based technologies in Agriculture, Arts, Charity, Commerce, Education, Energy, Environment, Religion, Research, Science, Social Welfare, Sports, Technology and Trade in alliance with Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India.
  • IC3E.ORG has participation from Government, Registered Private Bodies, Companies, Industries, Organizations, Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Academia, Experts and people's representatives to forge a synergic relationship among them by occupying an operational space in between them and promoting apex level bodies.
  • IC3E.ORG will formulate, develop, promote, educate, empower with employment-centric training programs for the global citizens with self-determination, and self-realization using Cloud-based ICT. IC3E.ORG approved by NITI AAYOG to promote a multipurpose multi-skilled liberal and modular education system for people across the globe. IC3E.ORG will help people to live with dignity and self-respect through their effort to become self-sufficient, sustainable, and profitable.
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